Despite the challenging start to 2020, we at Focused continue to work closely with our valued clients to deliver high quality services on a range of exciting and innovative projects. As our business grows, we are pleased to welcome two new members to the team: Grasiele Gewehr and Sheran Khan.

Grasiele (Grasi) joins Focused as our Office Manager. A master’s student in Accounting, Architecture and Urban Planning, and with past roles in industries from Finance and Insurance to Energy and Sustainability, Grasi brings a variety of experience and a diverse skillset to the team.

With an extensive background in Practice Management, Grasi has taken on a key role in ensuring the smooth-running of our business and the support of the engineering team.

Sheran joins our team as a Fire Safety Consultant. Having previously worked on-site with fire safety systems through carrying out Full-Function Fire Tests (System Interface Tests), Sheran is well positioned to develop practical and cost-effective Performance-Based Solutions for his clients.

With a Mechanical Engineering background and experience working in the Essential Safety Measures (ESM) maintenance industry, Sheran’s technical aptitude coupled with his strong problem-solving and communication skills have allowed him to successfully deliver project objectives and to meet client expectations. He has a particularly strong understanding of Smoke Hazard Management systems drawn from his experience in developing Fire-mode matrices.

Both Grasi and Sheran bring unique and invaluable skills to the Focused team. We are delighted to have them joining us, and we look forward to working together to deliver high quality services for our clients.